SMS Notifications

Used to send regular reminders and alerts to the users

May your customers be informed about all the updates.

Notify of timely information by sending SMS to their mobile phones.

It’s easy! Just use our API

Increase customers loyalty and improve the quality of your service

Send regular reminders and make your customers be informed about all the updates.


How it works
Code example:<ani>&to=<dnis>&message=
Your following flights have schedule changes. Please, contact our call center for change procedures. Be informed and have a safe flight!&username=<username>&password=<password>

To start sending the SMS notification you need to integrate our API in you app or website.

Once the notification is triggered, SMS reaches the user’s handset to keep him informed.

Messages can be scheduled for delivery according to your service logic.

Customer Cases

Payment confirmation

Inform your customers with purchase details and confirm financial transactions.

Scope: banks, payment systems, e-commerce services, etc.

System Alerting

Implement our solution to any monitoring services to provide the responsible people with timely alerts. Be aware of everything!

Scope: monitoring tools, web services, etc.

Trip Tracking

Inform the customers with taxi tracking and send reminders of flight details.

Scope: transportation network companies, flight trackers, trip planning, car rental, etc.

Health care and education

Confirm the user with medical appointment and send reminders. Inform persons with emergency alerts.

Scope: medical institutions, educational activities, etc.

Social notifications

Send alerts to users from social networks and dating applications.