Quality oriented office PBX and Call centre solutions

Why quality oriented?

There are a great amount of PBX products nowadays.

Most of them are represented with software solutions that buy routes for calls and sms from large telecom aggregators. It often happens such solutions face problems with connectivity.

Poor quality always leads to money losses.

Our team’s aim is to provide high quality

We had devided us all into three departments in this regard.

First - developers, who design software and keep it stable over time.

Another division - specialists responsible for routes quality. They are professionals of this craft and tirelessly monitor traffic stats such as average length of telephone calls, its successful rate and so on. If poor quality is detected, they rapidly switch suppliers. They always can find reliable route through the work with hundreds VoIP and SMS traffic providers.

The third department is tech.support. It helps to deal with emerging issues working directly with clients. Also it addresses clients wishes to the other two departments.

Is it

Yes, our PBX is available in the cloud. Most clients choose this option.

It means you won’t have to hold large admin section for server management - we take responsibility for this job.

Cloud-based service also means that capacity granted to client can be dynamically increased or reduced.

Therefore our clients don’t overpay for hardware stand idle.

Having ordered Capital PBX you gain access to personal account

What do I get?

Configure functions

Configure functions

There you can configure various scenarios of how PBX may function such as IVR-settings, virtual number rental, etc.

Individual monitoring

Individual monitoring

Also you can monitor the figures for individual employees or for company as a whole.

Calls records

Calls records

If you need to follow someone’s work, you may download and listen to records of calls.


In case of problems you can always get in touch with support. Our specialists work 24/7 and try to answer and solve your problems as fast as possible.